Mastering colour

An added service and a new skill

Follow Debbie Boggs, Staging Studio’s co-founder, in two lessons that will show you why each staging project is different and how the right colour can really have an impact on your sales. 

You will learn how to pair up colours, use contrast when needed and understand the right undertones for each project so that you’ll never find yourself making a mistakes when it comes to choosing the right colour for your proposal. 

Did you know that even when picking the ever elegant and classy white you actually have to analyse which shade of it is more suited for you property? 

Debbie Boggs is here to clear up some common misconceptions and guide you to the perfect palette! 

As a stager, it’s likely that neutrals are your go-to colours. That’s smart – our job is to make each home appealing to the widest range of potential buyers!

Debbie Boggs – co-founder of Staging Studio, a prestigious stager training provider – will be presenting How to Select Colour with Expert Confidence. There’s sooooo much to learn:

  • 3 Important Ways to Define Colour

  • How Different Colours Influence Perception of Scale

  • When and How to Use Complementary Colours

  • How to Choose the Best Colours to Work with Any Woodtone

  • How to Pick the Right White

  • Understanding Undertones

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About Debbie Boggs

Debbie Boggs is a co-founder of Staging Studio, which is a RESA and IAHSP accredited training provider, and the co-owner of BY Design Home Staging, a multimillion-dollar home staging company in the U.S. After creating a training program for their own team, Debbie and her business partner, Julie Young, opened it up to stagers worldwide–giving other stagers the skills they need to launch & grow their dream jobs.

By providing different certification levels and a number of supplemental courses and marketing resources, Debbie and Julie’s goal is to ensure that every stager has access to the best resources that will rocket their business to success. These two best friends foster a supportive staging community with their free Facebook group, Staging Studio Society, and an award-winning blog full of the latest trends, news, and more from the staging industry.

Together with other industry leaders, Debbie and Julie co-authored the Amazon #1 bestseller, Marketing for the Staging + Design Industry. They have won numerous awards for their staging and training program, including RESA Real Estate Staging Industry’s Most Influential People; RESA Top Ten Luxury Vacant Staging Team of the Year RESA; RESA Top Ten Home Stager of the Year - Vacant; HSRA Top Five Staging Companies; Freshome Best Interior Designers; and Feedspot Top Home Staging Blogs for

Debbie and Julie believe the home staging industry should be open to anyone who loves home decor and has an entrepreneurial drive. That’s why they work to keep tuition low, and donate 10% of all course fees. Those funds go to scholarships for Staging Studio students, to help them get the training they need to run a profitable business, and to nonprofits that benefit women and children.

Debbie Boggs, founder of Staging Studio

About Home Staging Association

The Home Staging Association was founded to strengthen the industry, being the link between Home Staging Professionals, and also between the industry and its partners, suppliers and clients.

As an Association, the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland provides support, information and training to all professionals in the Home Staging industry, contributing to the activity growth and recognition. We do that by gathering and promoting businesses and all professional services related to the area, being the one place to turn to when looking for a home stager or services alike.

The Home Staging Association UK & Ireland promotes networking opportunities and provides information on the market in general, as well as tips on home decor, interior styling and the property market, focusing on contributing to the industry through professional growth and development.

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