Home Staging Journey

Module V: Staging & Styling (Level I)

Welcome to the Home Staging Journey online course by the Home Staging Association!

This course is part of the Home Staging Journey series, which aims to bring you everything you need to know to run a successful staging business, from the admin and management side of it, through to sales, logistics and of course, the actual staging and styling - so please make sure to check out our next modules of the Home Staging Journey.

Let us guide you through your journey

This module will cover staging and styling and will guide you through the creative side of the business. 

We believe that a great home stager should be able to let creativity flow without letting it take the lead and we are aware that sometimes that can be tricky, especially when it comes to projects that excite us and make us feel ready to give new life to the property we’re about to stage. 

For this reason, this module will focus mainly on growing into your own staging style without letting it take full control of your project. After all, as you will learn, staging and interior design are two very different things and, while it’s true that we want to give new life to a property, we also want to enhance its best features without going overboard with it. 

This module will cover staging fundamentals, which are, as you might have already guessed, crucial when it comes to starting your staging project. 

Sounds exciting, right? 

There’s way more to it! You will learn about the different types of staging and will see selected case studies that will give you a solid grasp of everything you’re supposed to know about home staging.

Module V will also cover principles of design, as well as interior styling and the tool kit you need to excel in your staging jobs.

Finally, this module will also show the power of colour and how to properly use the right colours in your staging projects, brought to you by Colour Expert Kristie Barnett of The Decorologist®.

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In this course, we will cover:

  • Staging Fundamentals

  • Home Staging vs Interior Design

  • Types of Staging

  • Principles of Design

  • The Power of Colour in Home Staging

  • Interior Styling

  • Home Staging Tool Kit

  • And more: extra resources and guides for you to download

About the HSA

This course is developed by the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland

The Home Staging Association was founded to strengthen the industry, being the link between Home Staging Professionals, its partners, and clients. We believe education is vital to bring more recognition to the activity and encourage property professionals to make use of Home Staging for their own growth and development.

The Tutors

Paloma Harrington-Griffin is an ASP® Accredited Home Staging Professional, Home Staging and Interior Styling Expert and Luxury Staging Specialist.

Founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, Paloma is also the Vice President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals in Europe.

An entrepreneur at heart, having started businesses since the early 2000’s, Paloma believes in empowering people through knowledge, education and support. She is passionate about educating people and has organised several Home Staging events, in the UK and abroad, focusing on helping professionals with their businesses and promoting the Home Staging industry.

Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist®

Kristie Barnett left a career in psychology in 2003 to pursue a more creative path in the home staging and design industry. Better known as “The Decorologist®", she has written over 1,300 design articles and has been featured in dozens of national magazines and online news outlets. She has trained and mentored hundreds of professionals across North America in home staging and paint colour specification, and authored the popular book, Psychological Staging® – The Home Staging Secrets of The Decorologist. Kristie was named one of the Most Influential People in Real Estate Staging for the last 3 years, IAHSP Best in Industry Leadership, Staging Excellence, & Client Care for 2020 and 2019, RESA 2017 Redesigner of the Year, 2016 Innovative Product or Service of the Year, and 2013 Occupied Stager of the Year. Kristie's greatest passion is colour, and she looks forward to sharing her knowledge.

Hear it from our students

I’d strongly recommend it!

Stella Jane Evans, Aberdeen

“I have been interested in home staging for some time and on searching online I was excited when I came across the Home Staging Association website. Before I started the course I was considering a career in home staging and now more than ever I know I will become a home stager. For anyone considering taking the Home Staging Journey course I’d strongly recommend it.”

Bonus material

Get access to our worksheets and guides, all included in your course

  • Home Staging Statistics

    Get access to staging statistics you can use in your material and your channels

  • Home Staging Tool Kit

    Get a comprehensive list of all you need to have at hand so that staging project runs smoothly from beginning to end

  • Colour Worksheet

    Enhance your learnings with this bespoke worksheet filled with information about colour in staging, created by Kristie Barnett herself

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