Home Staging Journey

Module II: Business Fundamentals

Welcome to the Home Staging Journey online course by the Home Staging Association!

This course is part of the Home Staging Journey series, which aims to bring you everything you need to know to run a successful staging business, from the admin and management side of it, through to sales, logistics and of course, the actual staging and styling - so please make sure to check out our next modules of the Home Staging Journey.

Let us guide you through your journey

Even without a business background, you will be able to learn everything that is required  to put your business at the forefront of home staging. 

Every successful stager knows the importance of a solid business plan. 

We are here to help you master the business side of home staging so that you’ll never find yourself unprepared. We’ll show you how to write an effective business plan so that you will never find yourself wondering what to do next. 

Keep in mind that the very first step you need to take, once you already have a clear vision of where you want your business to go, is actually setting up your business and register it so that you can operate as a home stager. You’ll find here all you need to know to work in UK & Ireland as one. 

And there’s more! It’s important to aim high but have distinct and defined goals. We’ll help you discover which path you want to take so that you could identify your target market in no time to start learning to stage your property for said market. 

You will need to adjust your prices for the market you’re planning to get into and we’re here to show how to define pricing according to different types of home staging and then open your trade accounts to keep your quality and supply in check. 

As usual, you’ll be able to download extra resources and guides that will come in handy anytime you need them!

In this course, we will cover:

  • Business Plan

  • Setting Up Your Business

  • Registering A Business

  • Trade Accounts

  • Setting Your Goals

  • Home Staging & The Property Market

  • Identifying Your Target Market

  • Introduction to Pricing: Principles & Types of Pricing

  • And more: extra resources and guides for you to download

About the HSA

This course is developed by the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland

The Home Staging Association was founded to strengthen the industry, being the link between Home Staging Professionals, its partners, and clients. We believe education is vital to bring more recognition to the activity and encourage property professionals to make use of Home Staging for their own growth and development.

The Tutors

Paloma Harrington-Griffin is an ASP® Accredited Home Staging Professional, Home Staging and Interior Styling Expert and Luxury Staging Specialist.

Founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, Paloma is also the Vice President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals in Europe.

An entrepreneur at heart, having started businesses since the early 2000’s, Paloma believes in empowering people through knowledge, education and support. She is passionate about educating people and has organised several Home Staging events, in the UK and abroad, focusing on helping professionals with their businesses and promoting the Home Staging industry.

Elaine Penhaul (MEd, PGCE, PGDip) is a qualified business coach who has worked across business environments for over 30 years

She is a Founding Member of the HSA and is also part of the HSA Committee as Senior Advisor for Coaching and Professional Development. A best-selling author, Elaine offers her expertise to coach, support and challenge entrepreneurs in home staging, having grown her own business, Lemon and Lime Interiors, over the last 9 years to become one of the largest in the UK.

Hear it from our students

I’d strongly recommend it!

Stella Jane Evans, Aberdeen

“The course has fabulous contributions from renowned home stagers and offers students a fascinating insight into the profession. I have been interested in home staging for some time and on searching online I was excited when I came across the Home Staging Association website. Before I started the course I was considering a career in home staging and now more than ever I know I will become a home stager. For anyone considering taking the Home Staging Journey course I’d strongly recommend it.”

Bonus material

Get access to our worksheets and guides, all included in your course

  • Business Plan and P&L Templates

    Build a robust Business Plan and get prepared for the maarket. Use our Profit & Loss template to stay on top of your business finances.

  • Home Staging Statistics

    Get access to the latest stats on the industry and use them on your own material!

  • Goal Planner

    Plan your goals with our exclusive planner and stay on track with your business objectives.

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