Home Staging as a Marketing Tool

For Estate Agents

Did you know?

  • Staged properties get more viewings

  • Properties that are staged sell up to 3 times faster

  • Staged properties get higher offers

Home Staging makes it easier for buyers to visualise a property as their future home and helps in the property sales process overall.

In the Home Staging as a Marketing Tool for Estate Agents course, we show how Estate Agents everywhere can benefit from this powerful marketing tool to sell better and faster, bringing significant results to their businesses.

In this online course, we will cover:


    What is Staging

    Types of Home Staging

    Why does your client need Staging?

    Home Staging Services - What to expect

    Partnerships with Stagers



In this course, we will cover:

  • What is Home Staging

  • Types of Home Staging

  • Why does your client need Staging?

  • Staging services - How to sell

  • Staging services - What to expect

  • Marketing

  • And more: extra resources and guides for you to download

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About the HSA

This course is developed by the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland

The Home Staging Association was founded to strengthen the industry, being the link between Home Staging Professionals, its partners, and clients. We believe education is vital to bring more recognition to the activity and encourage property professionals to make use of Home Staging for their own growth and development.

The Tutor

Paloma Harrington-Griffin is an ASP® Accredited Home Staging Professional, Home Staging and Interior Styling Expert and Luxury Staging Specialist.

Founder of the Home Staging Association UK & Ireland, Paloma is also the Vice President of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals in Europe.

An entrepreneur at heart, having started businesses since the early 2000’s, Paloma believes in empowering people through knowledge, education and support. She is passionate about educating people and has organised several Home Staging events, in the UK and abroad, focusing on helping professionals with their businesses and promoting the Home Staging industry.

What Experts Say

 Martyn Baum PPNAE 
Martyn Baum Consultancy
Former President NAEA PropertyMark

"Home Staging is not new. In fact, it's not even on its way into the mainstream agency. It is already here and if you are not supporting your sellers with preparing their property ready for sale, you are missing out as your competitors will be.

Having a strong relationship with a quality home stager will not only help you sell your client’s properties quicker, and for a better price, but it will also build business relationships with your clients that will last a lifetime.

I believe that the marketing of properties is a skill and an area where the standards are being raised all the time. Sellers have become open-minded to receiving advice on how to style their homes and bringing in an expert makes the life of an agent far easier." 

Jonathan Handford  
Non-Executive Director at Fine & Country

"Telling a seller that they need to spend time and money on their property prior to marketing isn’t an easy conversation. It takes care and skill to deliver that message in a fashion that isn’t going to drive a wedge between the agent and the seller. 

It needs to be delivered where the seller understands that the agent has a duty of care to help their client achieve the best result. There is no question that a properly presented property will sell quicker and for more money.  

Therefore if the agent is going to act in a professional manner and fulfill their obligations it is essential that the staging discussion forms part of the strategy that outlines the marketing plan for the property." 


Elaine Penhaul

Director at Lemon and Lime Interiors and Best-Selling Author

"Staging property for sale is a key marketing tool and yet many agents don’t understand where it fits into their toolbox. 

How to prepare a property for sale and how to encourage a vendor to present their home in the best possible way ahead of launching onto the property portals is not yet mainstream learning for estate agents. 

This course outlines all the possible ways estate agents can add value to their service by working with a professional staging business. In an uncertain housing market estate agency is very competitive.

 Staging allows agents to win good instructions, offering a much better package to their clients by clearly evidencing how they achieve more sales, more quickly with higher offers."

Alex Willcocks
Director at Burbeck Group 

"As a professional property developer and investor the concept of launching an undressed property for sale would be laughable. 

Anyone who is serious about selling property needs to be serious about home staging and property styling. 

The financial benefit of staging a property is night and day, and if you can't see that you probably shouldn’t be in the game."

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When should you stage a property?

What are the best properties to stage? And how do you actually use this technique? In this webinar, the Founder of the Home Staging Association Paloma Harrington-Griffin interviews property investor and best-selling author Elaine Penhaul to uncover when to stage and how you can start benefiting from this powerful marketing tool straight away!